December 13, 2019

4 Tips for Conquering a “Bad Mood”

bad mood

Bad moods are a part of everyday life. How a person handles a bad mood will determine if the mood will improve or stay the same. There are numerous ways people try to deal with these nasty feelings, but we believe the number one, guaranteed, sure-fire way to improve a bad mood is…EXERCISE.

Whenever you are feeling down in the dumps, just remember these 4 tips before you decide to stay home and sulk.

1. Know how working out impacts your mood

Exercise is a proven mood enhancer. Within the first few minutes of elevated heart rate, a person’s mood tends to improve. The effects go beyond the short-term as well. Exercise helps combat long-term depression and anxiety and also helps improve a person’s self-image. It may help to start the workout with a bout of cardio to kick-start the good vibes.

4 Tips for Conquering a “Bad Mood”, Athletes' Training Center

2. Keep your goals in mind

First and foremost, if you don’t have a fitness goal, get one! A goal will serve to be a motivating factor on the journey to becoming a better you. Instead of letting life’s speedbumps get in your way, realize that every time you’re walking into the gym you are getting one step closer to your ultimate goal.

3. Your performance coach can help you

A good performance coach will sense if your mood is a little different than normal. If you happen to have a performance coach, it’s okay to rely on them to increase the energy of the workout session. Let them help you through the workout. It’s not a bad idea to tell your coach up front how you’re feeling so they can adjust the coaching style to help you get the best possible workout that day.

4. Make “checkpoints” throughout your workout session

Chop your workout into lots of smaller sections and think of it as a positive accomplishment to complete each and every one of them as you go. Get through the warm-up and check it off as an accomplishment. Get through three sets of deadlifts and do the same. Mini accomplishments may slowly help build up a person’s mood and make the workout easier as they go. When you finish your workout, look at how a bunch of mini accomplishments added up to equal a big one; the completion of a session’s work.

4 Tips for Conquering a “Bad Mood”, Athletes' Training Center

Don’t let a bad mood get in the way of a good workout!

Use your workout as a way to change your mood for the better and make it a positive part of your day. Know the benefits exercise can have on moods – not only for the short term, but long term as well.

If you want to find out how exercise can help you or you need a performance coach to keep you motivated, contact us today!

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