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Our Response to COVID-19

If you are a current patient or client, please read here for a full summary of the preventative steps we are taking in our routines in response to COVID-19.
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3 Steps to Make Change Stick

This is the time of year where we are filled with new found vigor and ready to make some positive change in our life. The time for New Year's Resolutions.…
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Alleviating Back Pain in Your Golf Game

The importance of physical therapy can't be overstated enough, especially for athletes who have suffered physical injuries. If physical rehabilitation is so important, why are the results so mixed?

The Truth About Dietary Supplements

The “truth” about supplements is difficult for the consumer to uncover because we have a tendency to read the bottle and believe everything we read. After all, “someone” has to…

The Dark Side of Athletic Injury

I’m sixteen years removed from graduate school. The running joke in my family is I have a Master’s degree, thesis pending. True, I completed my coursework with flying stars and…