Physical Therapy, Athletes' Training Center

Confidently Recover
from Injuries

Physical therapy designed to help you overcome injury and
eliminate pain so you can succeed in fitness and sports again.

Are You or Your Athlete Struggling with an Injury?

  • Are you feeling lost on how to address your athlete’s injury?
  • Concerned about getting back to your physically demanding job?
  • Are you worried working out will cause the pain to return?
  • Are you frustrated that your pain hasn’t gone away?
  • Are you stressed out about falling behind your teammates?
  • Has your injury caused you to lose your fitness level?

Physical Therapy, Athletes' Training CenterWe take athletes and active people all the way through the injury process, and then offer them solutions to elevate their athletic performance or personal fitness to reduce future injuries.”


Physical Therapy, Athletes' Training Center

You Deserve the Best for Your Recovery

Our team at Athletes’ Training Center understands sports and fitness injuries and has the expertise to guide you or your athlete back to high-level activity.

What Makes Our Physical Therapy Different

At Athletes’ Training Center, we approach physical therapy with a comprehensive method, caring for the whole athlete rather than just the injury.

Our unique approach include :

  • Sports-trained physical therapists who specialize in knowing what athletes need to recover
  • Trusted providers for numerous professional athletes
  • Unique facilities that can simulate what you will be doing on the field, court, or golf course
  • A proven, 4-phased post-surgery rehabilitation program that maximizes recovery
  • Experts in concussion rehabilitation
  • Video analysis to help determine sport movement flaws
  • Proven return-to-play testing to make sure your athlete is safe to play again

We help athletes get back to peak performance after suffering an injury or going through surgery.

Getting Started Is Simple with Our 3-Step Process

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1. Get Evaluated

We start with an assessment to let us know where you are and where you want to go.


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2. Receive Personal Plan

We will put together a plan of care to address your specific needs and goals.


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3. Achieve Success

Overcome your injury and get back to sports, fitness or life with confidence.

Physical Therapy at Work

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Your Guide to Choosing the Right Physical Therapist

Discover why choosing the right physical therapy practice for your care will impact your recovery, impact your wallet, and extend your time away from activities you enjoy!

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Your Guide to Choosing the Right Physical Therapist

physical therapy ebook