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Our performance programs designed to teach athletes how to weight train, develop speed, and create power so they can thrive in sports.

Are You Looking to Help Your Athlete Succeed in Their Sport?

  • Do you want your athlete to develop a proper athletic foundation?
  • Are you tired of big classes with little supervision?
  • Is developing proper weight lifting techniques for your athlete important to you?
  • Are you looking to build your athlete’s confidence on the field?
  • Are you looking for sport-specific training to excel at tryouts?
  • Does your athlete need more speed, explosiveness and vertical for their sport?

Sports Performance, Athletes' Training Center You’ll get the attention you deserve while training, with a personalized program that caters to the demands of your sport while decreasing risk of injury.”

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Why Train at Athletes’ Training Center?

We want our athletes to fulfill their athletic potential. To help achieve that, we offer:

  • Small class size to maximize teaching
  • Curriculum that builds with your athlete as they mature
  • A focus on teaching speed, power, and strength development
  • Teaching athletes proper weight training techniques
  • Establishing lifelong fitness habits
  • Fun, competitive environment

We believe the ideal way to develop athletic physical skills necessary for success is to engage in continual training over a long duration of time versus short training durations like four or six week “camps.”


Our long-term approach to training offers a curriculum that establishes a base athletic foundation and then builds layers of advanced athletic skills on that base during the course of the athlete’s development physically and psychologically.

Most elite athletes achieve their success by training for their entire careers under this model.


Our programs focus on meeting the goals of each athlete while building their skills of movement and strength training. We accomplish this by utilizing a comprehensive evaluation to gain valuable information to develop a custom program that is progressed to meet the athlete’s specific goals.


We train with a semi-private coaching model allowing our athletes to see enhanced results because of a more competitive (yet fun and positive) environment. In the semi-private model our athletes are closely instructed and monitored by one of our qualified, professional coaches in a favorable coach to athlete ratio of 1 to 6. Semi-private coaching is also the most cost-effective structure to receive this high level of training.


Each comprehensive training session at Athletes’ Training Center is divided into 2 parts.

  • The first half of the session includes: Soft tissue work, movement preparation and neural activation, dynamic warm-up, corrective activities, linear and lateral speed development, and biomechanical drills to address movement efficiency.
  • The second half of the session is devoted to power and explosion development using: Olympic training, plyometrics, strength training, core strengthening and other activities to help each athlete reach their goals. The last 10-15 minutes is focused on Energy System Development (ESD) and helps improve the capacity of the body’s various energy systems need for sports.


jump start program

Jump Start Performance

7th grade and younger

We understand how important it is to pave the path for developing a well-rounded athlete and a coordinated, self-confident young student. Our 60-minute sessions will:

  • Focus on developing the core competencies of athleticism
  • Teach athletes how to jump and hop
  • Develop balance and coordination
  • Teach the foundational movements in weight training
  • Develop sprint technique and footwork for agility
Sports Performance, Athletes' Training Center

Total Performance

8th grade and older

Help your athlete succeed in sports and preparing for the next level. Our 90-minute sessions will:

  • Focus on developing advanced athletic skills
  • Develop power for enhanced speed and performance
  • Develop multi-directional agility
  • Teach advanced weight-training skills
  • Incorporate sport-specific injury reduction strategies
  • Build self-confidence and life-long fitness habits

Performance Memberships

Long-Term Success

This all-inclusive membership is for athletes who are committed to developing themselves throughout the year, both in-season and out of season.  In this membership, the volume and/or frequency of training will be customized to competitive seasons so athletes are always getting the perfect amount of training.


  • Jump Start: $189/month
  • Total Performance: $209/month

Short-Term Success

This short-term block membership is for athletes who do not feel they can commit to a customized program but want a comprehensive program to prepare for the upcoming season. In this membership, we have 2 or 3 day/week training options.

Jump Start

  • 2 days a week: $249/month
  • 3 days a week: $349/month

Total Performance

  • 2 days a week: $269/month
  • 3 days a week: $369/month

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3. Reach Peak Performance

We help you reach your full potential so you can thrive in sports.

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Empower Your Athlete to
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