February 5, 2024

Lift Like a Girl Challenge Now Open for Registration

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Our 8-week Lift Like a Girl Challenge is open to all women with all levels of exercise experience. We’ve created a program that gives you personal attention, a supportive community of other women, and fat loss results to start the new year.

For those who are new to this challenge, the name is a jab at the stereo type that women don’t know how to lift weights or shouldn’t be lifting weights in a certain way. Quite frankly, we see it differently. We know women are capable of tossing weights around and getting stronger. We also know they have fun doing it and see amazing results too. This challenge is about women coming together and doing fun, challenging workouts while changing the way they look and feel and improving their confidence.

What you need to know about this challenge:

  • You will build confidence in lifting weights in a small group setting and with supportive coaches.
  • You will receive unlimited personal training and access to group training sessions for the entire 8 weeks.
  • All participants will receive a FREE MyZone heart rate monitor to help you better track your workouts and maximize your effort at each training session.
  • Sessions are based on a schedule that allows you to select times that work around your busy schedule. Set standing times or choose different days and times each week – it can be as flexible or rigid as you want.
  • You will recieve a nutrition log, guidance and support throughout the entire challenge.
  • All participants will receive exclusive access to the Lift Like a Girl Facebook group, a place to get encouragement from others, advice from coaches, and even the chance to brag about your accomplishments in a safe community of supportive women.

You receive all of this for a one time investment of $399. But remember, we only have a limited number of spots available so we can give each participant the personal attention they deserve. 

Lift Like a Girl begins February 12th. Click HERE to enroll!

Still unsure? Here are some FAQs to answer the most common questions we hear.

What times are available? We know you are busy and need something that works for you. That’s why we offer flexible scheduling. Visit our scheduling platform to view session times. Use the drop down filters at the top right to choose our West Omaha or Papillion location and then to sort by Adult Fitness Coaching (personal training) or MET-FIT (group sessions) times. 

Do I have to weigh in? There is no special trip or appointment needed ahead of the challenge start. Simply attend your first training session and we’ll take care of the rest. We use an InBody device to gather an analysis of your body composition, including weight, at your first training session and at the end of the challenge. We also gather additional scoring focused on other important areas like confidence and clothing sizes. There will be an optional check point midway through the challenge. To be eligible for the prizes and a chance at winning the challenge, you must complete the first and last measurements.

What if I haven’t worked out in a long time? We pride ourselves in meeting people where they are at and providing a positive space without judgement. Getting started again is already difficult enough, especially with the emotional aspect that can add to the feelings of being nervous or embarrased, so we work hard to make the transition back into fitness as easy as possible for you.

What if I don’t know how to lift weights? All of our coaches are invested in providing you with personal attention and that includes demonstrating and coaching you through every exercise. We also have regressions built into every exercise to match your training experience and to help build a foundation of lifting experience.

Ready to sign up? Click HERE to register!

If you still have questions before enrolling, email or call 402-932-7111.

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