Reggie Holt, BS

Performance Coach

Reggie was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska and grew up wrestling and playing football since the age of four. He attended Omaha North High Magnet School where he continued to play sports as well as participate in multiple honors programs. He attended Wayne State College in Wayne, Nebraska.


While there, Reggie successfully juggled the duties of being a successful student-athlete, playing five seasons of football for the Wildcats. In May of 2018, Reggie earned his degree in Exercise Science with a minor in Coaching. Prior to working at Athletes’ Training Center, he participated in the Omaha Science Media Project in 2009 and 2013. He partnered with high school students from the Omaha area as well as UNL students working at the Nebraska Center for Virology to study and educate the community on the effects of Human Papiloma Virus. Reggie also participated in the Wayne State College Color Ride in 2016 and volunteered to provide free blood pressure screenings for the community of Wayne, Nebraska during World Heart Day in 2017.


His experience of being an athlete, working with coaches of all levels, and speaking with many health professionals lead him to pursue an internship at Athletes’ Training Center. As an intern, Reggie quickly took shape and comfort to the staff and most importantly the clients. He intends to further his education by pursuing a Masters in presumably Exercise Science.


In his free time Reggie enjoys performance training, lifting, movies, art, spending time with friends and family and finds his ambition for life and what it has to offer to be extremely high. There isn’t a lot he doesn’t like to do or have an interest in. Reggie is looking forward to the time he will spend growing and learning at Athletes’ Training Center and his involvement with the Omaha sports community.

Reggie Holt, Athletes' Training Center