February 13, 2020

Featured Success Story – JT Roy

Meet JT Roy.  

JT has trained with us for just under 5 years and is about to hit the 300 visit mark.  As we work to educate the parents of young athletes, there is no better example to use than JT.  He is a walking testimony to how a commitment to a long term training approach with quality programming and coaching can reap benefits far above simply checking the box off on your to do list for strength and conditioning.

Featured Success Story – JT Roy, Athletes' Training Center

JT’s Story

When talking with JT’s mom, Rhonda, she explained why they have continued to invest time and money into our sports performance services over the years by highlighting these five areas as being important goals she had for JT

  • Learning to train with proper technique, especially for the future when doing weights on his own.
  • Training the right way to help prevent injuries throughout the years.  To date, JT has had no sprains, strains, etc. with being involved in football, basketball and baseball year round.
  • Ensure he was not learning too much too soon, or incorrect techniques for his age.
  • Smaller class sizes promoting more one on one time for not only learning, but understanding the benefits – they WHY.
  • He is one of the youngest in his grade and training here has helped him be an athletic equal with his peers – maybe even better.

From our perspective, she hit the nail on the head!  These are all key reasons a long-term approach is far superior to jumping from camp to camp or doing some training here or there without emphasis on the science behind the programming and the level of instruction being provided.   

Another important key?  The emphasis Rhonda has placed on getting JT to his training sessions as a priority rather than an afterthought.  Their approach is not to fit it in if they can, but to treat it like it’s simply part of his athletic commitment and development.  His training consistency has allowed our coaches to progress him through the curriculum over the years, building an incredible foundation of athletic movement, power, and endurance. 

It has been our pleasure to see JT “grow up” in our facility and the word proud doesn’t even begin to touch the feeling we have when we hear about his latest game or something he did well in practice.  “JT is the exact reason coaches love what we do – to develop someone over a span of time and watch them reap the rewards of their hard work and time invested is incredible”, says Coach Gus who has trained JT since JT was 9 years old.  “The amount of progression we’ve been able to accomplish with JT is something we rarely get to do, but he’s proof it works better than coming and going out of training plans.” 

So, if you are reading this, keep this in mind as you walk up to the plate and spy JT Roy sitting back on his heels in his catcher’s gear, ready to take position to, at a moment’s notice, throw out your teammate on first.  You should be nervous!

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