4 Reasons We Fail at Meal Planning

How do you know what you or your family will be eating at your next meal or tomorrow’s meals?  Meal planning is challenging for the average family.  When you add in practice, commutes, school, work and family commitments, it can become pretty complicated. While there is no one right or wrong way to do meal planning, the key is to think ahead and have some ideas planned.

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9 Signs your Athlete is Being Over-Trained

Are We Missing the mark as Parents and Coaches?

I have the great fortune to be around sports every day.  Professionally I work with young, injured athletes and help them get back to competing with their teams again.  Personally, I have a young son who has started the process of playing organized sports.  Being a physical therapist for many years, I am in a unique position where I have contact with a variety of different people and organizations that are involved in a vast spectrum of sports all across Omaha.

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