April 15, 2022

$10,000+ Giveaway Gives Officers Free Membership

OPD Giveaway

Travis Manners, owner and physical therapist, is a cousin, nephew, and grandson to Omaha Police officers and because of those relationships, we have a deep appreciation for everything the men and women on the department do for our community. Since opening, Athletes’ Training Center has had close ties with police officers and enjoys supporting their rehabilitation journeys. We know many officers, whether on the street or not, are dealing with an increasing amount of stress, as well as highly demanding workloads as a result of understaffed departments.  It was time for us to give back in a way that could help those officers struggling with health and fitness as a result of those demands.

The $10,000+ Giveaway will allow the first 25 officers to register to enjoy a 6-week Adult Fitness Coaching Plus membership, which includes unlimited personal training. Our hope is this 6 weeks will give them a jump start to restoring their fitness level, body composition, confidence, and physical durability. Of course, we hope they continue training with us, but most importantly we want to provide them with the tools they need for their long term health and fitness, whether they train with us or at their own gyms.

Officers will have access to our full training schedule of sessions and our highly skilled and qualified performance coaches. Enrollment begins Monday, April 18th and will continue until 25 officers have registered for this opportunity. (A wait list will be held in case someone is unable to participate). Training memberships can begin as soon as May 9th.

We are proud to give back to the Omaha police community and can’t wait to see what this does to jump start many individuals’ health and fitness journey!

Due to the overwhelming response, we are currently taking registrations for the wait list.


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